Leeds LS7

This small back garden started off as a rectangle of overgrown grass, with a strip of neglected bedding on three sides, and some brick/gravel on the house side.

The drive and path at the side of the house was tarmac, breaking up in many places with weeds and stray grass coming through. On the plus side, this patch felt secluded, quiet and private, with three mature conifer trees separating the back from the neighbouring property, the garage cum shed on one side, and fencing on the third.

We set about transforming this space:

  • one conifer was removed entirely, the other two topped
  • the tarmac drive and path was removed, replaced by a drive and raised patio in front of the garage and gravel with a paving slab path
  • flower beds were created at each side of the grass area to allow more space for planting
  • a small, curving dry stone wall was added on the right hand side – a heaven for insects. The wall is approximately 10 metres long, while the depth of the garden is only 6 metres – the shape gives the illusion of more space
  • light coloured gravel was added to the raised bed to brighten up this shady area of the garden
  • a further small patio with gravel was added on the house side
  • a small round flower bed was added on the house side

As any garden, it’s still evolving and bringing much joy to the owner.