Dreams in Red - the bed

Leeds Bedroom: Dreams in Red

I always dreamt of an Asian/Oriental inspired bedroom with rich colour and a luxuriant exuberance. Finding my new home had one room with real wood parquet flooring was an unexpected gift and an extra incentive to get on with it. Little did I know that sanding a dark wood floor would cover the whole house Read More

Tropical Vibes

Do you ever feel jealous of the Victorians who travelled the world, collecting artefacts and plant specimens and filled their houses back in England with souvenirs from their travels? It reminds me of dreaming big, of having time, space, opportunities and a hell of an adventure. That’s how I wanted to feel when coming home Read More

RR front room option 2 for website

Leeds Moortown – Work, Create, Sleep

A tough challenge – this front room is used by a busy photographer for working and sleeping. It’s an editing suite, mini-studio, creative den and relaxation space all in one. There were many different aspects about use, function and mood to consider. Top of the list was additional storage space and creating a more cohesive Read More


Leeds LS7 – AirBnB room makeover

Previously the master bedroom in the house, the new owner wanted to change this and create a welcoming room to rent out to short-term guests on a regular basis. This meant a complete redecoration of the room, so we had plenty of elements to play with. I like working with colour and do not shy Read More