mirror elegance

Hexagon – the magical shape

It’s everywhere this season: the hexagon shape. In German, Hexe is a witch, and the hexagon has long been associated with witch craft and magical powers due to its properties. But it’s not just those with a spiritual inclination who recognise the great properties of this shape. It’s fully symmetrical (9 distinct symmetries, or, if Read More


Design Fair Fun

Back to normal after days at the London Design fairs in September. It’s great to see what’s new out there and I am always wowed by the talent to be found. ¬†And there are so many things – solutions to problems I never even thought of, new materials… I am like a kid on a Read More


Totally Tropical

It’s officially autumn and September is my birthday month. Although I generally like this season, I often find myself I want to keep the summer vibes going for a bit longer. As they days get shorter, I want to make the most of every single ray of sunshine and keep my energy levels up. And Read More