Hexagon – the magical shape

It’s everywhere this season: the hexagon shape. In German, Hexe is a witch, and the hexagon has long been associated with witch craft and magical powers due to its properties. But it’s not just those with a spiritual inclination who recognise the great properties of this shape. It’s fully symmetrical (9 distinct symmetries, or, if you like, 9 ways of being symmetrical, if you are really, really into this) and as each side has the same length, it fits together perfectly without leaving any gaps and can be ’tiled’ in any direction. That’s why the shape occurs frequently in nature – we all recognise it from bee hives.

And so, it also makes a great shape for design. It looks interesting, neither round nor square or rectangular.
It has corners and edges, but feels much less harsh than squares or rectangles.

More edges gives more design options – think different colours and textures.

Look at the impact of the hexagon design on the fabric








It can be quirky or elegant, depending on the material and finish.

Hexagon shape in an elegant piece of furniture
Colourful wall stickers










It looks great on it’s on, or in a group.

Simple, but stylish hexagon vase
Stackable hexagon shelves – one element on it’s own would make a great side table










Large or small, it always has impact.

Large and small hexagon shapes make up a stylish mirror








At the moment, you can find every kind of material in it: fabrics, rugs, tiles, wallpaper…you name it. Flat or 3D, it always works it’s magic.

Hexagon tiles
    Hexagon 3D vase

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